Portfolio and Experience

The TrustRadius logo, a stylized 'TR' followed by the word 'TrustRadius'. The stylized 'TR' appears to be made of a folded blue ribbon. One side of the ribbon is a light blue, the other side is a dark blue. The visual contrast from the two colors gives the logo an illusory depth, as if it was three-dimensional. The word 'TrustRadius' itself is formed from standard letters in a dark blue.

TrustRadius Employment

I worked as a software engineer at TrustRadius.

The Capensis logo, a stylized outline of a long-eared hare. The hare is rendered in dark blue strokes in a calligraphic style, with varying line widths. The hare appears to be resting on the ground: its belly lies flat to the ground, its front legs stretch forwards, and its back legs curl underneath its body. The head of the hare is up, with its long ears arcing over its back. It appears to be calmly surveying its surroundings.

Capensis Project

An accountability-focused scheduling and time-tracking app.

A three-dimensional game board composed of blue hexagonal tiles on a black background. Some of the tiles are highlighted with a lighter blue color, creating two distinct sections. On the left-hand section, grey rectangular blocks have been placed on the tiles, representing ship pieces on the game board.

ShootyBoats Project

A 3D Battleship-like game board.

The icon we used for the Rehearsal Room project. The icon's style is minimalistic, with clean horizontal and vertical lines. Most of the icon is a square with lines drawn inside it. The shape is the simplified top-down layout of a room, using lines to represent walls and openings to represent doors. To the left of the square is a colored vertical line with arrows on each end pointing up and down, giving the impression of a measurement in the Y dimension. A similar line runs horizontally underneath the square, giving the impression of a measurement in the X dimension.

Rehearsal Room Project

I collaborated on Rehearsal Room, a space-finding app for artists.

The icon for Inquizitor, a yellow cartoon light bulb with a dark grey check mark inside it.

Inquizitor Project

I created the back-end for Inquizitor, an app for creating and taking quizzes.

A cropped view of the banner for my old personal website. The word 'Pladd,' in a grey serif font, begins at the left of the image. At the middle of the image, after the first letter D in 'Pladd,' the word fades out to reveal a screen containing HTML markup on a dark background.

itspladd.com Project

My original personal website, circa 2016.

Other Writeups

A cramped, confusing set of pipes and valves. Small red wheels for turning valves are attached to long steel-grey pipes. The overall impression is of a cluttered, complex engine. July 1, 2021

Test-Driven Development for a Game Engine

No, wait, come back! I promise it’s less boring than it sounds!

A lighthouse rises above two houses at twilight. The sky is full of stars, and transitions smoothly from dark blue at the top, to light purple in the middle, to orange-pink near the horizon. The lighthouse, is a narrow cone, slightly thicker at the bottom than the top. It's painted in wide horizontal stripes of red and white, and it casts a beam of light across the sky. June 6, 2021

Emerging from the Lab

A post-bootcamp bootcamp post.